Blog #2 Bad Hotel



Name of service: Hotel

Date of Encounter: July 14th to July 17th.

Chapters related to Encounter: 2, 7, 14 and 15

Concepts from the chapters: The Customer Gap; communications and pricing.
Price of service: $600+tax

Encounter: Last summer my family and I went to Vancouver for a vacation. We stayed in a hotel, and we love the brand so much. The service was extremely excellent, and the employees were kind and professional.
We had a small issue while we stayed there and front desk solved the problem immediately. Then I had a good feeling about this brand, and I decided to book at this hotel chain anywhere I travel.
Recently I went to Whistler with my family. I was luck because I found the hotel that I like and its price was reasonable my expectations were so high. Our plan was to stay for three days and first two days were wonderful.
However, the last night while I was there was entirely different. Our room was above the summing pool, and there was a party. The party started around 8 pm, and the sounds were loud. My son could not sleep although he was tired. I did not want to complain because I thought the party would finish at 11 pm, and I believed they have the right to celebrate until hat time.We have to wake up early to go back to Vancouver we had to buy stuff then catch a ferry to sailing to Victoria.

I called the front desk at 11:20 pm and they promised to do something but unfortunately they did not. Later I called the front desk again around 12 am. The front desk told me they could not do anything, and the manager was not there to solve this issue. After that, the front desk did not answer my calls at all at that time I was so angry.Next day in the morning we I went to check out, and they asked me how was your night? then he said sorry to hear that but we had nothing to do, and we are sorry he said


I had a similar experience one day at another hotel, and they offered my free breakfast and discount, but this hotel did nothing.

This story changed my experience about this hotel for over. Later I received an email from to review the hotel; absolutely, I gave them low rate and I wrote about the story. Furthermore, I emailed the hotel, and I got no respond until today, and I believe they do not care about my complaint and they do not track it.

Satisfaction or Dissatisfaction: I was dissatisfied because the service was poor. I will give the hotel services 1 out of 7 because they did nothing to make me satisfied or happy.

Willingness to Return: I will not book at this hotel anymore.


Related to the Course: According to the textbook, the customer gap is the differences between expected service and perceived service. In my case the gap was large so to close this gap you have to do four jobs perfectly:

  • Listening.
  • Design.
  • Services performance.
  • Communications.

My expectations were high as I had a good experience; therefore, I thought this hotel would do the same thing, and they have the similar system (Zeithaml, 2013, p. 36).
Although the price was reasonable, I booked this hotel because I needed good services. In fact, I think what I paid was higher than their services at that time. Chapter 15 of the textbook talks about the prices of services and the amount should be appropriate and in my case was not.


McCann, A. (2013, October 03). The Importance of Customer Service in the Hospitality Industry – North West Business Life. Retrieved July 22, 2016, from

Zeithaml, V., Bitner, M., Gremler, D., & Pandit, A. (2013). Services Marketing. In Integrating Customer Focus Across the Firm (International ed., Vol. 6, pp. 577-590). New York City, USA: Mc-Graw Hill Education.

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